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Cinny Green is a published writer. She provides writing coaching and classes as well as collaborative writing on novels and memoirs.
• The Trail Writers Portable Guide: The Southern Rockies by Cinny Green, Illustrated by Maureen Burdock, Western Edge Press,
forthcoming 2010
• “Moon of the Eelgrass Seed” short fiction winner, San Diego Writers Cooperative writing contest, 2002

Collaborative Writing
• Partita: A Psychological Mystery by Madeleine Hermann, Plain View Press, 2009
• Jasper County by Cortez Robinson with Cynthia Green, Authorhouse, 2008
• Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Jellybeans: A Fourth of July Story by Heather French Henry, CB Publishing, 2004
• Pepper’s Purple Heart: A Veteran’s Day Story by Heather French Henry, CB Publishing, 2004

• Pecos River Gazette, “Trouble Ahead: Hiking the Santa Barbara Divide”, May 2009
• Pecos River Gazette, “The Crack of Dawn: Sunrise on the Santa Barbara Divide,” April 2009
• True West Magazine, monthly book reviews 2003-present
• Mandala: A Tibetan Buddhist Journal, “Sangha: Getting to the Cushion at Gampo Abbey” Feb/Mar 2006
• Tickled by Thunder, “Literary Alchemy” 2003

For information regarding writing services please contact Cinny Green: | 505 988 5185