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Let Them Know You're There!
Our Affordable Program for Businesses, Artists & Writers:

Keep in touch with your database: $250/month

• 1 hour initial consultation to determine your e-contact needs & design wishes
• Monthly email campaign designed and sent to your database of up to 500 people (or more at very little additional cost), using text and images you supply
• Includes .5 hour copy-edit, .5 hour image-edit, 2 hours professional design

Follow up with direct mail: $280/month (includes cost of printing & mailing for up to 100 addresses—or more at reasonable rates)

• Follow-up postcards designed using text & design from email campaign
• High quality 5 x 7 color postcards printed & mailed to people who opened your email &/or clicked to go to your web site

Add a web page: $320 (plus cost of domain & hosting)

• 1 hour initial consultation, home page design and upload, and one round of minor edits.
• Additional pages can be added for $160/page.
• Additional pages including photo gallery (with up to 12 photos) can be added for $240/page.

Graphics, Illustration, Editing and Writing Services

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